Your Wants + Marcia’s Meditations = Goals Achieved


Possible Wants

Do you want a company populated by confident grounded employees who are excited by their work and their company? Do you want to lower workplace illness and stress levels and increase profits and productivity? Do you want to attract and maintain the top professionals in your field?

Potential Solutions

First you must understand the law of diminishing returns. Past a certain point, the body and brain’s capacity to be truly productive are profoundly diminished. People can override this truth by hyper-adrenalizing the body for limited amounts of time, but the physical and emotional costs are huge, often devastating and sometimes life threatening. What if there was another way? What if your employees worked in harmony with the strengths and weaknesses of their minds and bodies?

Whomever is the head of an organization ‘holds the energy’ for that group. If the leaders in that structure, from the CEO on down become more centered and aware of their motivations and ways of relating, more in tune with their own truths and unique ways of being, the whole organization benefits. Ms. Doherty then provides them with the tools to better “hold the energy” of whatever part of that company that they are responsible for in a way that is healthy for both themselves, their staff, their co-workers and their clientele. The supportive and practical curriculum of Marcia’s Meditations provides her clients with the tools to shed energy stealing behaviors and to create healthy work environments. These concepts are the building blocks for a more dynamic and expansive workplace.


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