In the eight years that Marcia Doherty has been teaching meditation she has developed a program of stress management and performance enhancement that has successfully provided her clients with the tools to significantly improve their experience at home, work and play. Her unique skills and abilities enable her to provide a supportive and secure environment for her participants to discover and access their full potential. She works to empower her clients by helping them understand and appreciate their own unique way of being in the world. This enables them to accomplish the things they need to do according to their own rhythm, thus decreasing stress and increasing productivity.

Ms Doherty draws the tools she uses in her seminars from a variety of sources. These include her own personal meditation explorations, over two decades of dance, voice and theater experience with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Performance from Concordia University, and of course from over 10 years as a meditation instructor. These areas have also given her a comprehensive understanding of how the mind and body react to stress. All of this training and experience allows her to address the full spectrum of factors that affect a person’s ability to fully perform up to their potential. Her personable and no nonsense style have proved to be particularly useful to clients doing professional, corporate and office work.


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