Individual Productivity

Often people associate the primary emotion at work as stress. At the best of time most people have two modes: 60 miles an hour and asleep. By introducing a third mode – awake but centered – people are better equipped and prepared to deal with the other two modes. Work or busy times can have the core of stillness and sleep is more easily achieved by having tools that allow a person to better shift gears from their busy day. Introduce this mode at work and they will begin to associate work as a place of centeredness and centeredness breeds productivity.

Departmental Synergy

People whose stress levels exceed their ability to settle have trouble concentrating and dealing effectively with coworkers and clients. They are significantly more likely to get sick or resign, and less likely to be able to have those ‘inspirational’ moments that help propel a business forward or simply make it run better.

Corporate Innovation

The physicist, Werner Heisenberg, discovered that the act of observing changes the observed in relation to subatomic particles. This same principle can be applied to the larger venue of the mind. Ms. Doherty uses specific tools and techniques that allow her clients to observe what is currently happening in their inner landscape and be open to the process of allowing a more harmonious way of being to emerge. This, in turn, affects how they relate and interact with their outer world. The effect of meditation upon the physical body is so profound that researchers using MRIs have now discovered that the process of meditation radically improves brain function and chemistry. This helps remove mental hamster wheel behaviors and rigid thinking, thus allowing for a more expansive perception of the world. This focused openness is the breeding ground of corporate innovation.


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