Private Group Sessions

Marcia’s Meditations

Practical Meditations for Everyday People

Marcia’s Meditations uses non-denominational practical stress management strategies that include guided meditations, visualizations, breath work, and physical grounding techniques. She works on the premise that each person has the seeds of the solutions for their stress management needs within themselves and provides her clients with tools and techniques to help bring these seeds to fruition.

Stress Challenges

At the best of times most folks have two modes: 60 miles an hour and asleep. By introducing a third mode – awake but centered – people are better equipped and prepared to deal with the other 2 modes. Work or busy times can have the core of stillness and sleep is more easily achieved by having the tools that allow a person to better shift gears from their busy day.

What: a 90 minute Stress Management Intro session including a talk, Q&A and short meditation, plus a phone assessment with one of the participants to help determine the customized nature of the session based on the participants needs and interests.

When: a time and day of the client’s choosing in concert with Ms Doherty’s availability.

Where: a location to be provided by client

Participants: No more than 25 no less than 3 participants. This ensures both the comfort and effectiveness of the session. Preferably aged 14 and up (adults and children’s stress management needs vary greatly, so it’s best to have them in separate sessions with a parent child dynamic).


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